What is Graphic Design? Graphic Design is the methodology of visual communication, and problem-solving through the use of type, space and visuals. What does a Graphic Designer do? A Graphic Designer uses various methods to create and combine words, symbols, and images to create a visual representation of ideas and messages.

Graphic Design could very well be viewed as possibly the oldest form of communication in history. Before the first word was ever spoken, there were visual images and symbols to convey a specific message or story. To this day, some of those same images are the only present connection we have to a time long forgotten.

In today’s world of infinite access to information, you can find just about any how-to video or blog through a quick search. Let's face it - anyone can buy the necessary tools and watch a DIY video to get the job done themselves. Need to manage your finances? Buy some software like QuickBooks. Need to fix your vehicle? Make a quick stop to the auto parts supply store and watch YouTube. Need to create a brochure or logo? Purchase InDesign or Adobe Illustrator and hit the ground running. Right? Wrong.

Anyone can dabble in the art of graphic design, use specific software, or purchase a Wacom tablet. That doesn’t mean they have the knowledge or experience required to effectively maximize the impact of marketing your business.

Software is just a tool, like a wrench or hammer. It is the individual using that tool that enables the best results. You want someone who has the specialized training, creative talent, and industry knowledge necessary to achieve the outcome you deserve. You need an artist like JMDGRAPHX who is obsessed with fonts, understands the science behind color harmonies, and is fanatical about visual balance and negative space.

So how do you make your business stand out from the rest? You provide a superior customer experience and a higher quality of services or products than the competition. That is where your expertise and general focus maintain strength. However, all too often a company’s branding and visual marketing strategies do not fully convey your commitment to quality.

Your brand is not just your logo, business card, or the advertisements. It’s essentially the personality that people associate with you and your business, often before they even decide to do business with you. Branding is what your customers make an emotional connection with; furthermore, it should make them feel like they couldn’t dream of doing business with anyone else but YOU.

The right Graphic Designer can make all the difference in contributing to your marketing approach and conveying that visual trust. JMDGRAPHX has the tools and expertise that can support and enhance your future marketing projects. So, let the mechanic fix that transmission, let the carpenter build your new home, and let JMDGRAPHX handle your design project. Your business will get noticed!

Design Services

Logo & Branding

A great logo can be one of the most important investments for your business. It represents you, your values, your quality, and your professionalism. A logo is all about first-impressions. It should create a lasting one...

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Digital Advertising

With the increase in the amount of advertising that the average person is exposed to in a day, any new advertisement has to go beyond the standard promotional gimmick to catch the attention of the audience first....

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T'shirt Design

The benefit to designing custom T'shirts for your marketing campaigns is the fact that the person wearing the shirt essentially becomes a free mobile billboard for the company. Your business just grew some feet!

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Good Ol' Prints

From book covers, catalogs, magazines, brochures and print advertisements, to business cards, postcards, CD covers, and posters - if it is printed, mailed, or handed out, I can design it...

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"Jason DiBenedetto is a pleasure to work with, a real professional, and very creative. We had several phone conferences and he quickly responded to our ideas. He designed several logos and allowed us to select the one that fit our vision the best. Jason had a lot of good ideas and patience dealing with all our changes and delivered a logo that we are very happy with. We would definitely use Jason again."

- Alison Schorr, Office Manager | Schorr & Associates, P.C.

"I have had the pleasure of working with Jason on several different projects. He has made three logos for me (two for a business and one for a non-profit) and done some editing of photos for my website. Everything Jason does turns out clean and makes a statement. He brings new and fresh ideas to each project. When I had a general idea of what I wanted, he listened to me and help develop it into a beautiful logo! When I had no idea what I wanted, he suggested several ideas during our consultation and made a logo I could be proud of! Plus, he is always willing to answer questions about ways to use a design, even long after the project is done. I would highly suggest Jason for graphics!”

- Jory E. Campione RN BSN | Skilled Care of South Jersey

"I have worked with Jason for over 10 years and he is simply the best graphic designer in the business. His design elements bring copy to life and create an impact whether it's an ad, a brochure or a web site. You can count on him to meet tight deadlines when necessary and to produce solid production files. He is a pleasure to work with and I recommend him without reservation."

- David Gregorovic | C21 Rauh & Johns

"I've had the pleasure of working with Jason for the last four years. He is, without a doubt, a treasure. He is responsive, creative and witty. His patience for my last minute deadlines is never an issue. His work is impeccable. In short, I'd be lost without him!"

- Terry Garcia, Service Manager | Liberty Toyota

"I have worked with Jason at JMDGRAPHX for over five years to develop numerous marketing pieces. The designs that come out of his studio are contemporary, stylish and fresh. My projects are often very challenging and complex. Jason makes the whole process easier with his acute attention to detail, responsiveness, can-do attitude and willingness to do whatever it takes to make the piece perfect and on budget. It is rare to find a graphic designer who blends creativity, professionalism and is personable – with JMDGRAPHX, you get it all."

- Jim Batterson, Executive Director | Virtua Health System