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Any business, small or large, that offers a product or service that is innovative and/or of high-quality, understands that getting your potential customers to take notice can prove to be next to impossible. This is where the employing of a creative and original Graphic Designer becomes so important. By hiring someone who specializes in Graphic Design, you can determine a way to make your product or service stand out from the crowd. You can appoint someone who will give your product or service a way to become recognizable and memorable. Graphic Design means showcasing something in a manner that others haven't done before; it implies finding a technique to visually attract a large potential customer base. A good, solid, and dedicated Graphic Designer can do this for you.

Choosing the right Graphic Designer is crucial to the success of your design project. Like any business, there is the "business person" behind the Graphic Designer. When you hire a Graphic Designer, even if it is not me, make sure that the designer you hire does this line of work as a full time and legal profession. Would you put the accounting for your business in the hands of someone who "did it on the side"? There is a lot to consider when choosing a Graphic Designer to symbolize your business. Creating high-quality, cost-effective designs for my clients is of the utmost importance to me, since the majority of my work comes from returning customers and referrals. I’m a full-time, self-employed designer, operating a licensed NJ business, so it’s my sole source of income - if I don’t produce outstanding results I don’t eat!

Unlimited Revisions! Yes, every design firm and independent designer out there routinely lets me know how wrong I must be. My commitment is to work with you until you are completely satisfied. In most cases, that is going to be a couple of rounds. However, designs evolve and needs can and do change. I don't limit or restrict that growth by limiting revisions. Contact me to get an idea of what it will cost, how long it will take, and what I can do to help you better market your business. And remember, with JMDGRAPHX, you don't pay for the lights, building lease, or employee parking - you pay for your design and related cost, nothing more! This way, JMDGRAPHX can continue to offer you and your business the best value for your design needs.

Services List

Below is a sampling of the design services provided

Advertisments • Announcements • Annual Reports • Brochures • Business Cards & Forms • Catalogs & Manuals • CD/DVD Cover Design • Corporate Identification • Direct Mail • Email Campaigns • Illustrations • Invitations • Logo Design • Newsletters • Photo Editing/Manipulation • Posters • Product Branding & Packaging • Promotional Items • Signage • Stationery • Stickers • Tradeshow Booth Graphics • T'Shirts • Website Graphics and much more...

Looking for something not on the list? Shoot me an e-mail, and I'll get back to you within 48 hours with more info. Please be as descriptive as possible about your design needs.

General Info

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Proposal & Cost Estimate

Once the project specifications are defined, a cost estimate will be submitted to you for evaluation, usually within 3 business days or less. A Statement of Work will be drawn up outlining the project and will include development details, project schedule and milestones (if needed), payment terms, deliverable dates, etc. Changes in the scope of work and/or project specifications may require a revision to the original quote. Any revision of this quote must be approved in advance by both parties, and will be reflected in the final invoice. JMDGRAPHX will also obtain press quotes during this phase and coordinate the press run per client request.** (See Print Coordination)

Basic Rate

The basic hourly rate applies only to design and development work or for clients who prefer this method. All other costs will be referred to as contingency costs or expenses. For current rates, contact me during business hours, (10am-6pm, M-F.) A cost estimate/proposal for the project, based on the hourly rate, will be submitted 3 business days after the initial consultation and/or project specifications are finalized. All fees and costs are estimated and valid for 30 days.


Expenses are incurred when the project requires use of materials or vendors other than design work performed by JMDGRAPHX. Such expenses may include:

  • Color proofs, film and other pre-press production items
  • Photos and film development
  • Stock Photography and/or Clip art purchases specifically related to the project
  • Paper purchases (usually included in printing costs)
  • Print coordination fees and job pickup/delivery costs
  • Sub-contracting & other vendor costs

Contingency Costs

Contingency costs cover elements of the project not covered by the contract and may include:

  • Rush charges for projects with quick deadlines
  • Charges for changes to the project outside the contractually defined scope

Print Job Coordination

JMDGRAPHX can, if you choose, provide print coordination services and will coordinate the entire press run including delivery of product to your business.

  • A press check can be scheduled with the printer for off-set press runs.
  • A color proof is recommended for all 4-color jobs.
  • Once JMDGRAPHX has approved the final printed product, arrangements will be made for delivery, pickup, or shipment.*

Client Feedback

Client feedback and approvals necessary to achieve scheduled project milestones are mandatory to ensure timely advancement of the project. Your input is valued and necessary for project deadlines to be met as scheduled. A color proof as a PDF file is emailed to the client for review purposes. In the case of websites, the site is loaded on our hosts for review purposes. Either way, you will not have to download or install specialized software or remember yet another login/password.


JMDGRAPHX requires all clients to approve and sign a contract that will protect both JMDGRAPHX and the client, and provide a solid expectation and agreement about creation and delivery of the project. The contract will evolve from the (AIGA Standard Form of Agreement) and will be legally binding upon both the client and JMDGRAPHX. Work will not commence until a signed contract has been received by JMDGRAPHX. See (General Terms and Conditions)

Billing & Payment Terms

  • A percentage (generally 50%) of estimated project costs are due upon contract signing unless the project is small or of short duration (determined at initial consultation).
  • Progress payments for project milestones will be indicated in the statement of work/contract - if applicable.
  • JMDGRAPHX reserves the right to invoice client at any time if project extends beyond the deliverable date as outlined in the contract.
  • JMDGRAPHX will invoice client promptly for balance upon client receipt or posting (to client server) of deliverable project.
  • All invoices are due and payable upon receipt and must be paid NO LATER THAN NET (5) unless otherwise specified in the contract.
  • All invoices overdue past NET (30) will be sent to collections promptly.

State of NJ Business License #1763216

Forms of Payment Accepted

EIN# 46-1619338

Project Cancellation

Should client or designer stop the project at any time during the development period, designer will invoice for work completed up to the point of termination. Fees may apply as determined by JMDGRAPHX.

*Client pays all service bureau and/or printing charges
**JMDGRAPHX reserves the right to samples of all printed work for portfolio and business promotion purposes

Choosing A Graphic Designer To Hire Doesn't Have To Be Difficult - Make The Right Choice With JMDGRAPHX!